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Our Services


Creative script writing is the backbone of any successful production, large or small.  Cloud Nine Media have a breadth of experience in telling stories that touch their audience. Cloud Nine Media go to great lengths to help you translate your message in to a compelling visual narrative. We like to work closely with all our clients to develop treatments, storyboards and scripts before filming begins.


Cloud Nine Media provide a range of support to manage your production. Project Managers and Production Managers will help manage, budgets, KPI’s and timelines, along with providing specialist skills in the procurement of talented crew, planning for international and remote trips, visa applications, filming permissions and carnet’s.


At the heart of the every production company is its kit and crew. Cloud Nine Media has over 15 years of production and filming experience working on shoots of all scales, domestic to foreign and remote locations.

We make full use of the latest technologies from 4K cameras to licensed drone operation, 360 shoots and gimbal rigs ensuring your production employs industry best practice techniques.

In addition to our core team of filmmakers and producers, we have a wide portfolio of broadcast-experienced camera operators, audio technicians and production managers with the right experience for every brief.


With three in-house edit suites and some nice fairy -lights, the post-production phase is where we bring your stories to life. We use broadcast-standard editors to run multiple edits allowing for creative flexibility as well as providing voiceover, music, motion graphics, colour-grading and export services.

We are even happy to take on an edit using your own existing footage – obviously filmed before you heard of us.


The impact, reach, influence and ROI you derive from your media significantly depends on the branding, messaging, design, publishing and distribution of your media. Cloud Nine Media provides a range of creative services from copywriting, digital design, branding, digital packaging and distribution strategies for your media and mediums.

Services can be utilised based on the requirements of your production and scaled up or down to accommodate any budget.


We have the in-house skill set to service a variety of 2D animation formats. Our strengths are across infographics, motion graphics and character animation. We have the in-house knowledge and skills to develop a concept, plan, storyboard and project manage a variety of animation requirements you may have.